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Plant Based

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The term plant-based encompasses a diverse range of diets , from vegetarianism to veganism and their varieties. Thanks to scientific evidence, today we know that they are safe diets for any stage of life; that is from birth to adulthood taking into consideration pregnancy and lactation.


Plant-based diets are a great therapeutic tool to take care of our health, the environment, the planet, and promote love. Taking care of our diet and lifestyle helps us prevent countless diseases, as well as control existing diseases and prevent their complications. However, it is extremely  important to do this correctly, in order to meet all of our needs. Whether yo've been vegan, vegetarian, or intrigued to start this journey . I strongly recommend you to seek a professional expert on the matter, in order to obtain the greatest benefits that plant-based diets can offer us.

Plantbased nutrition is my passion and I would gladly acommpany you throughout this journey. 

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"Every human being is the author of his own health or disease"


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